#1 [Banned] Nysh by Michi 03.09.2012 21:41


banned nysh for hacking.

2012-09-03 06:24:05 [INFO] [Factions v1.6.9] Nysh has ENABLED admin bypass mode.
2012-09-03 06:24:24 [INFO] [Factions v1.6.9] Nysh DISABLED admin bypass mode.

#2 RE: [Banned] Nysh by XTodX 04.09.2012 13:50

somehow sad, why did she do this -_-". Game Over Nysh :(

#3 RE: [Banned] Nysh by Nysh 12.12.2012 12:37


Wow... I can't believe I never posted on here. Its true, I did use Nodus. I know I shouldn't have but I used it when I tried to beat Bros. I obviously shouldn't have but I did. It never actually enabled admin bypass mode. It just sent the packets to the server. I was hoping that would work (c;). So yeah, I'm sorry.

#4 RE: [Banned] Nysh by bluedudey 12.12.2012 18:49


Its fine nysh,If i was an admin I wouldnt ban your because you hardly did ANY damage at all
Edit:read my post lower

#5 RE: [Banned] Nysh by Michi 12.12.2012 19:36


so it would be fine if everyone will cheat?

#6 RE: [Banned] Nysh by MrMinecraft23 12.12.2012 20:13


Blue you are stupid. You are annoying and its in the rules to not cheat, btw you should of been banned by now.

#7 RE: [Banned] Nysh by Michi 12.12.2012 20:37



#8 RE: [Banned] Nysh by MrMinecraft23 12.12.2012 21:11


Is it not three sanctions=ban?

[Warned] - bluedudey - (spam)

#9 RE: [Banned] Nysh by Nysh 12.12.2012 23:10


I know it was the wrong thing but I really wanted to beat Bros. I miss the server a lot. I wasn't on the computer for a long time and now I'm back but I can't find any servers like this.

#10 RE: [Banned] Nysh by Schmomo 13.12.2012 05:33


Blue you have been warned so many times to stop posting in the sanctions unless they directly involve you but you keep doing it. I don't understand.

#11 RE: [Banned] Nysh by bluedudey 13.12.2012 08:32


I know you guys dont like me anymore and thats fine but
Reply to michi:I wouldnt allow cheating I read this wrong and thought she got banned for ruining our base
Reply to momo: This thread DOES involve me,she hacked into my factions base
Reply to
mrminecraft: I know ive had sanctions but I found it a bit mean that you called me stupid and annoying....

#12 RE: [Banned] Nysh by Schmomo 13.12.2012 17:46


That's besides the point though you comment on everything saying to unban the person because the didnt know they were griefing or they're sorry when what really needs to happen is they need to come on and request to be unbanned. Your opinion whether or not someone should be unbanned is useless.

#13 RE: [Banned] Nysh by bluedudey 13.12.2012 20:50


Im sorry I just like to make them feel better but this thread REALLY did involve me as it was my base

#14 RE: [Banned] Nysh by Jussabuss 13.12.2012 21:16


Point is Nysh Broke the rules... But, being that this is a video game. I believe the enjoyment of players is more important then arguing over a small issue. I vote give Nysh one more chance (with close watch).

#15 RE: [Banned] Nysh by Nysh 13.12.2012 23:18


Yes yes,what Juss said. I swear I won't hack again. It was a 1 time thing. Also, The hack didn't actually help me hack bypass. It just sent a packet to the console. Sorry if that was a confusion.

#16 RE: [Banned] Nysh by Michi 14.12.2012 14:57



#17 RE: [Banned] Nysh by Nysh 14.12.2012 22:32


Thank you thank you thank you! I swear I won't make a mistake like this again!

#18 RE: [Banned] Nysh by HagyNu 07.01.2013 19:06

ähm, ... sry, ... aber das ist doch einfach nur armselig. Nysh hat nicht nur bypassmode gehackt, ... sondern noch einiges anderes, ... btw, HF


WHAT THE FUCK ?? , i wount play here anymore to see "hackers" "rulebreakers" "griefers" walking along my buildings

#19 RE: [Banned] Nysh by Michi 07.01.2013 19:24


the server will be reseted anyway
so everyone is free to join at any time
we wont ban everyone again

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