#1 Update 1.4.1 by Michi 04.11.2012 17:59


Hallo my loyal members :D

The time has come for me to update the server to the latest Minecraft-Version.
Right now the server is down so that i can update every plugin.
After that there will be a WHITELIST so i can check everything if its working fine.
So DONT be afraid if you cant join the server.

See you back in Minecraft.

#2 RE: Update 1.4.1 by Jussabuss 04.11.2012 19:03


Thank You michi! Is it the same whitelist as last time?

#3 RE: Update 1.4.1 by Michi 04.11.2012 19:31


Yes, but we finished.
There werent much problems so you can join now and play the game.
If you find any bugs tell me or another staff-member and we will fix it.

We removed Freebuild1 from the server.

#4 RE: Update 1.4.1 by minox1991 04.11.2012 20:00


Zitat von Michi im Beitrag #3
We removed Freebuild1 from the server.

dafuq? you said you gonna remove newworld. few member are annoyed cuz their stuff is gone + most of our event areas are gone

#5 RE: Update 1.4.1 by Michi 04.11.2012 20:16


you are right
i will fix that

#6 RE: Update 1.4.1 by jellydude36 04.11.2012 20:25


So if fb1 coming back permanenetly or is it gonna be back for worldediting
Because if it's only coming back for worldediting I would like some things moved plz

#7 RE: Update 1.4.1 by Michi 04.11.2012 20:29


its back permanently i just made a mistake

#8 RE: Update 1.4.1 by bluedudey 04.11.2012 20:30


Yeh jelly had made some amazing redstone farms unlike other ones that even used lwc magnet to suck the produce into a chest

#9 RE: Update 1.4.1 by jvollies 09.11.2012 20:05


Can you put me in the White-list

#10 RE: Update 1.4.1 by Michi 03.12.2012 18:15


i made another update.
server should be much more stable.
have fun

#11 RE: Update 1.4.1 by MrMinecraft23 04.12.2012 01:06


Thank you.

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