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Survey: You wannasee the server be reset?

Answers Percentage of votes Votes
Yes... definitly, the server needs a new face 44% 8
NOOO... dont do this. It will ruin the server and all the nice creations 56% 10

Votes: 18
#1 Server Reset by Michi 22.12.2012 09:37


Hallo Community,

the staff and me decided to change the server a bit.
This means that all old worlds and files will be wiped out.
Everyone and everything will be gone and we gona start brand new worlds with a new system (or maybe just new worlds with nearly the same system).
I know... Im already hearing your words "nooo... all my homes and creation will be gone..."
BUT: all our stuff voted to do this and i will give you the chance to vote aswell but without a huge amount of "NO" i will reset the server definitly and i will try
to prepare the old world files for download so that you are able to have your creations on your private PC and wont loose them.

So... here is your chance:
tell me what you think of that!

#2 RE: Server Reset by bluedudey 22.12.2012 10:19


I dont like the new pvp world! OLD PVP WORLD PLEASE!

#3 RE: Server Reset by bluedudey 22.12.2012 10:20


please can we atleast keep fb1 theres loads of creations there, and anyone who wants to keep items can put items in chests at fb1

#4 RE: Server Reset by Hazz_man 22.12.2012 10:36

Well blue that kind of defeats the point of having a new start and people would just move all there stuff to fb1 and keep all of there stuff.

#5 RE: Server Reset by minox1991 22.12.2012 16:27


and only keeping one world would be unfair for those who "live" in fb2 with all their homes, farms and buildings there.

if you keep one world you have to copy stuff from the other so members wont be pissed.

and that again would be against having a nice fresh server.

#6 RE: Server Reset by MrMinecraft23 23.12.2012 02:44


New world since we do need a new start.

#7 RE: Server Reset by bluedudey 23.12.2012 18:43


Cant we get a new system but keep the worlds?

Its easy for you admins to want a new world....
But us players have spent months gatehring resourses

#8 RE: Server Reset by MrMinecraft23 23.12.2012 20:18


I have played on server since it was made, I have many builds, to much diamonds and gold, lots of stuff. I want new since its just to easy now and their are random house almost everywhere.

#9 RE: Server Reset by Jussabuss 23.12.2012 21:04


blue you know how much I have built but I agree with the new start we need a refresh. its hard working your creative mind when everything is pretty much built.

#10 RE: Server Reset by DaGako 25.12.2012 20:43


Our worlds are filled with many awsome creations, but this is the only way we can get rid of all the ugly stuff. I would guess that 75% of our buildings are totaly crap. You may not recognize this, but if you fly the world looks totaly messed up in most parts. Also this is an excelent possibility to improve many other things. DaTown, The old PvP World and many other projects i invested many hours in, will be lost too. But im sure its worth it. ;)

#11 RE: Server Reset by bluedudey 28.12.2012 11:23


how come the poll says 10 members have voted but thyres 5 votes on no and 7 votes on yes?

#12 RE: Server Reset by Michi 28.12.2012 12:06


good question
i dont know

#13 RE: Server Reset by Coolme 28.12.2012 22:32


You should let us on 1 more time before the reset. let us put important things in our inventory then we could keep the best things we have?

#14 RE: Server Reset by MrMinecraft23 29.12.2012 00:19


The point of server reset is to start new with nothing, so the admins/mods also need to make a new spawn, citys, etc.

#15 RE: Server Reset by bluedudey 29.12.2012 10:04


loads of members have been collecting stuff for months though... can we atleast get 1 building per member (without chests) to be put into the new server?

also me and jelly had been working on a project forever and now it will go! D:<

#16 RE: Server Reset by Michi 29.12.2012 10:10


nope sry... but as i said.
i will upload the world files for you so that you can keep your creations on private.

#17 RE: Server Reset by MrMinecraft23 29.12.2012 21:45


Sounds good, when do you think we will get new map to start working on it?

#18 RE: Server Reset by zto37027 29.12.2012 23:49


Will you have all the worlds up for download. More specifically Freebuild 2 ? I have some unique farm designs ONLY there and would not like to lose them. :)

#19 RE: Server Reset by A mysterious guest that no one w 04.01.2013 09:48

Yay no is winning!

#20 RE: Server Reset by stickman7415 04.01.2013 16:15


so that means i keep my hours of hard work in fb2?

#21 RE: Server Reset by Michi 04.01.2013 16:33


you managed it to manipulate the voting

#22 RE: Server Reset by MrMinecraft23 04.01.2013 18:41


As the owner Michi you should be able to see who votes really count to make the vote "real." Such as players who have not played for more then 3 months, people who are banned, people who rarely play, people who made a account on forums to change voting, etc. should not count. This map is so old and stick I never see you on anymore, even before update :P.

#23 RE: Server Reset by DaGako 05.01.2013 15:29


After all i have to remind you: We dont have to accept any obligation. All votes are only made for showing us what you want. So the outcome of the vote is not what we will decide.
This server is organized by the stuff, and in the end of the process Michi can decide what he wants to do. Every time stuff asks what we should do, its a favour we do for you. But we arent idiots. Manipulating this vote was a mistake. It shows clearly that you want to fuck with us. Not the best idea if you want to change anything in our mind. ;)

#24 RE: Server Reset by MrMinecraft23 05.01.2013 18:13



#25 RE: Server Reset by bluedudey 05.01.2013 18:37



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