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#26 RE: Server Reset by zacipoo1 05.01.2013 21:33


Please do not reset the world file because people have spent hours... EVEN DAYS! Building unique designs that could not be built again. Personally i have spent so long building the walls to my village, getting the stone, smelting that, I would really not want to just throw away that work. I am sure other player who don't have creative would feel the same way, please put this into consideration.

#27 RE: Server Reset by MrMinecraft23 05.01.2013 22:14


Michi said he would put up a download of old map if we get a new map.

#28 RE: Server Reset by DaGako 06.01.2013 03:37


Imagine we would allow everything you ask for. You would need a week or less to garantee free blocks for all. The server would get nearly creative, totaly unfair and boring after all. We invest time to think how we can handle this. When the server is not on the newest version its simply necessary. When we ban people becouse they broke rules its necessery. Such stuff may take a little bit fun away, but after all the server wouldnt be what it is, if we wouldnt do such things.
And if we decide that its necessary to remove old buildings, than you have to accept this. We asked what you want and some of you thoguht: "Yeah lets dont give anything about their oppinion". I will loose my huge projects too. But its not entertaining to walk in the empty streets. Imagine the opportunitys of a new setUp. We had many problems on many places. The worlds were generated with old programs, many towns are simply copied and pasted into the landscape and so on. And it seems that snow in deserts is normal.
We will not ignore the ones who want to keep the worlds. But we will keep in mind what you did.

#29 RE: Server Reset by zacipoo1 06.01.2013 07:57


Sounds good, I'm glad we get the world save still :D

#30 RE: Server Reset by DaGako 07.01.2013 18:37


We decided to reset the server. You can read all reasons in this thread.
Dont worry, all of our worlds will be saved and uploaded. They will be accessable without any further permission for everyone. But remind they are >6GB big.

The server will stay only some more days or weeks, we dont know exactly.
However, we arent dead. The chance to set up a new server with a new host is good, and it would be a pleasure if we would meet there some time.

We will announce anything we know, when we know it, so we will keep you updated.


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